Architectural conservation

The Architectural installation and integration plan (PIIA) bylaw aims to ensure landscaping and building quality based on each specific case.

A PIIA presents a regulatory framework in the form of objectives and criteria. This approach is well suited for construction, renovation or modification of old neighbourhoods where architectural integration of new buildings, or existing buildings modifications, are a priority.

PIIA procedure adds up to normative provisions of zoning, subdivision and construction regulations.

A project subject to PIIA procedure should be assessed by the Advisory Committee on Planning of the borough concerned, which makes a recommendation to the borough council. The borough council approves or rejects PIIAs by resolution.

The PIIA approach supplements powers granted under the Cultural Heritage Act, allowing the Council to set conditions subject to heritage value conservation for recognized heritage sites, and are added to municipal regulations.

In Arvida, 3 areas are subject to the Architectural installation and integration plan (bylaw VS-RU-2013-115). PIIA for the old Arvida Hospital corresponds to Chapter 5 of the regulation; PIIA for the City center refers to Chapter 6, and PIIA for the Historical St. Thérèse district is in Chapter 7.

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