The Committee for the heritage recognition of Arvida needs you!

The following months will be crucial for Arvida, a World Heritage Site: the Tentative List for World Heritage site is open for new applications.

To be qualified, the project must be strongly supported by the public, here and elsewhere. We therefore need every citizen of Saguenay and all Arvidians at heart anywhere on earth. Our goal is to obtain 20,000 signatures before April 2017.

First action to support the heritage recognition process is to fill out the support form available by clicking on the link below.

Here are some easy actions you can undertake to support Arvida in the process:

-Find out more on Arvida’s history and on the process of heritage recognition by visiting the dedicated website (link below).
-Share the link to the support form on social networks, as well as through your email contacts and ask them to share it as well.
-Upload the web banner ‘’I support Arvida’’ and add it to your email signature.
-Send Arvida digital postcards for the Hollidays or any other occasion and ask people to sign the form.

  Official City of Saguenay website