In June 2010, Saguenay set up the Committee for the recognition of Arvida’s heritage value (CORPA), a multi-partite organization bringing together decision-makers, business people, elected representatives, citizens and actors from all horizons, among which cultural, urban, commercial, touristic, governmental, as well as aluminum industry stakeholders.

The CORPA mission is to support and reinforce initiatives to protect and promote, make known, recognize and pass on the Arvida legacy. The Committee for the recognition of Arvida’s heritage value is dedicated to promote the preservation, knowledge and assessment of the cultural landscape and built heritage. It also aims at understanding of the great role of Arvida in the development of architecture and urban planning in cities and human history, on a local, national and international level.

This includes short-term protection and development initiatives, such as collecting memoirs and life narratives from Arvidians, as well as a long-term goal to be designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Saguenay is convinced Arvida constitutes a unique key chapter in Canadian history, and hopes to contribute to the knowledge, understanding and representation of Canada on national and international level. The dual issue of urban planning and cultural influence makes it all the more important to make the heritage protection effort widely known. The CORPA is committed to share the legacy Arvida citizens are custodians of. Saguenay also instructed CORPA with the mission to raise public awareness in regard to the architectural landscape of Arvida while supporting the local population’s efforts and the attachment of citizens of Arvida, and from around the world, to the history and heritage value of the city.


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  • St. Thérèse neighbourhood Councillor
  • Jonquière MP’s Office
  • Jonquière MNA’s Office
  • Management of the Jonquière borough
  • Regional Direction of the Ministry of Culture and Communications
  • Rio Tinto
  • National Labor Union of the Employees of the Aluminum of Arvida (SNEAA)
  • Sir William Price Heritage Centre
  • Citizen Council for the Enhancement of Arvida’s Heritage
  • Arvida Economic and Cultural Development Corporation
  • Promotion Saguenay
  • City of Saguenay Arts, Culture and Libraries Department technical support
  • City of Saguenay Urban and Spatial planning Services technical and secretarial support 
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