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Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights held by the City of Saguenay upon documents it produces or publishes, whether these documents are administrative or official texts, produced by its employees, departments, community organizations, public organizations or a third party who has transferred trademarks or patents of invention to the City.

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Use of photos and other material

Despite the care the City takes to respect the author’s copyrights when using their photos (generally free of rights), in the event parties cannot reach an agreement, it is committed to withdraw, in a timely matter, any photo or graphical representation that might be the subject of litigation or that could fail agreement signed by the alleged author. The municipality will not be held responsible for photos provided by a third party to illustrate their institution, services or activities, for instance related to the description of their organization within specialized sections (in the tourism sector, for example).

Photo credit

All rights reserved City of Saguenay. Any reproduction or use of photos is prohibited.

Intellectual credits

The content of most of the pages comes from the professional writings of Professor Lucie K. Morisset. Under no circumstances is it allowed to use this content in any manner. The majority of the content is found on the website. Please contact us if you wish to use the texts in whole or in part. 

Material provided by users

In a wider sense, the City of Saguenay does not recognize users’ property rights to any information, data or opinion submitted in any way.

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This site may contain erroneous data or typing errors in spite of all the efforts exerted by the City to avoid them. The City of Saguenay declines all responsibility related to any errors of any kind whatsoever that may be found on the website.

The City of Saguenay may, without prior notice, modify information about products, services and programs described on this website.

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The City of Saguenay provides hyperlinks to governments, agencies and corporations. Those are offered for free and as complementary information. While every effort is made to suggest sites of recognized reputation and quality, the City of Saguenay shall not be held responsible for the validity of the information to be found on third party sites. Hyperlinks should not be considered as support, association or accession by the City of Saguenay to those societies and organizations that maintain these sites.

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In the spirit of the Web, which is to enable access to information, the City of Saguenay authorizes links to its site, as long as the content and nature of the source site shall not prejudice the City and its community.

Hyperlinks are any simple or hypertext link (e.g. Link to the City of Saguenay). The signature or City of Saguenay may not be used to identify the link without prior authorization from the City of Saguenay. Please contact the City’s Department of Communications.

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