Building plans

Not a single house was built that resembles its neighbour

During the 1970s, Alcan gave municipal officials the plans of all the houses designed by the aluminum company and built in Arvida. The City of Saguenay wishes to thank the company for this priceless legacy. 

To learn more about the different house models and their location, download the documents below or take the virtual tour “Arvida, City of Aluminum”. To obtain a copy of a house plan, contact the Land-use and Unban Planning Department of the City of Saguenay at 418 698-3130.

Locations for the different models of houses in Arvida

Communication regarding the models of houses in the heritage area of “the city built in 135 days”


Design example detailing the front and side elevation as well as the technical details for the A1 model.
Crédit : Archives Rio Tinto

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