Global recognition

Aiming for the highest possible heritage recognition status

In January 2017, the City of Saguenay, following the Canadian government's nationwide appeal, submitted an application to Parks Canada requesting that Arvida to be listed on Canada's Tentative List for World Heritage Sites; the first in a series of steps that could lead to UNESCO granting such a title. In December of the same year, it received the disappointing news that Arvida had not been selected among the 8 sites chosen to be added to the Tentative List by the federal government. This list had not been reviewed since 2004. 

To this day, the Arvida Heritage Recognition Committee and its stakeholders are still mobilized and devote great efforts to pursue the work of recognition, protection, presentation and transmission of Arvidia’s heritage. All those who have been working with passion for years have not lost sight of the objective: that Arvida be recognized as a World Heritage Site. 

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