Ambassadors Club

Agents contributing to the promotion and recognition of Arvida's heritage

To increase outreach and awareness, the Arvida Heritage Recognition Committee created the Arvida Ambassadors Club. Through its desire to involve the population in promoting and recognizing Arvida, and by extending the effort to all residents, either Arvida-born, from adoption or at heart, the Committee hopes to reach public figures who, having passed through Arvida, are now making their mark on the national or international scene. 

The ambassadors are required to understand the history of the industrial city of Arvida, as well as the heritage recognition process; to keep informed about actions taken as part of that process, as well as support and promote the process in their community. They will become contributing agents regarding outreach. Furthermore, they will be invited to take part, at their convenience, in events and activities related to the heritage recognition process. 

The Arvida Ambassadors Club currently has 55 members. The majority were officially welcomed and presented with an ambassador’s tool kit, which includes various information and outreach material to help fulfill their mission. This tool kit is in fact an actual aluminum lunch box, which is a testament to the commitment of the workers of Arvida and reminds us of the human heritage of this industrial city. 

Alain Gagnon

Mr. Gagnon was born in Jonquière, but has always kept very strong ties with Arvida from an early age. His father worked at Alcan his whole life, at his business place in Davis Square. From a very young age, he accompanied his father to Bank of Montréal, Peoples and Steinberg. He has been working for Alcan -later renamed RTA- for 31 years, and has been President of the Arvida National Union of Aluminum workers since 2008. In this capacity, he has worked extensively on the heritage designation project, for instance with the workers photo exhibition in Davis Square, as well as the lunch box provided by the Ambassadors Club. His nomination was an obvious choice.

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Alain Labrie

Arvidian by birth, he was a solo singer with the Cirque du Soleil from the start, in 2000. He was part of Quidam, Corteo and Zed, among other productions. He was previously a chorist for Éric Lapointe and solo singer with Québec Issime. He already bears Arvida in his heart and has carried it around the world for a long time; his induction to the Arvida Ambassadors Club only officializes the role.

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Alain Turbide

Mr. Alain Turbide was born at the Arvida Hospital and lived the first years of his life on Lamarche Street. He grew up on Berthier Street, in the St. Thérèse area. He spent his childhood playing in the green slopes behind the Saguenay Manor, Powell Park, at the ‘’Restaurant du Coin’’ and the Centre de récréation. He worked for different radio and TV stations, including in Québec city and Vancouver. Arvida always had a special place in his heart and he is well aware of its strong heritage.

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Alain Voyer

Mr. Voyer was born on Alexander Street, in the St. Jacques area. He grew up in Jonquière, but bought his first house near his grandfather’s. He has been an architect for 27 years and opened his first office at the heart of Davis Square, in the basement of the old Arvida market. Since 1988, his office is located in the St. Philippe area. He is very much attached to Arvida, and obviously to its architecture. He joined the Ambassadors Club being both a proud Arvidian and a proud architect.

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Annie Tremblay

Ms. Tremblay was born in 1965 at the Arvida Hospital. General Manager of KYK Radio X and Director of Sales RNC Médias in Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean, Mrs. Tremblay spent her childhood on Larouche Street, in the St. Mathias area. Her father and grandfather worked for Alcan. As a child, she played a lot in the slope in front of St. Mathias Pavilion. She started ballet at the Pavilion St. Mathias, and cheered as her brother played hockey at the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture. She was particularly fond of the walks in the Manor trails, where you might still see her nowadays. She often proudly said she’s the ‘’Arvida girl’’. To preserve Arvida is very important to Ms. Tremblay, a city rich with history, a city with experience and its own style, at least through its architecture and people. She feels deeply attached to Arvida and was honoured to carry the title of Arvida Ambassador.

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Annie et Suzie Villeneuve

Born in 1983 in the Arvida neighbourhood of St. Jacques, twin sisters Annie and Suzie Villeneuve showed exceptional musical talent from an early age. They were discovered with the first edition of the Québec version of Star Académie, in 2003. The Our Lady of the Assumption school, the St. Thérèse school, the talent shows at the Arvida highschool, the pizzeria, games in the woods behind the Alcan plant, the hockey games and swimming lessons at the Foyer des loisirs, time passed at the park in front of the St. Jacques church, all those memories make Arvida unique and soothing in the heart of the Villeneuve sisters, who feel natural pride to act as ambassadors.

Carl Gaudreault

Born in the Deschênes plateau, his parents are among those who lived the Saint-Jean-Vianney landslide of 1971, and whose home was moved to Arvida. He grew up in that neighbourhood and went to primary and high school in Arvida. Mr. Gaudreault is a proud citizen of Arvida; very much involved in his community. His television production business, Télé Boréale, has been in Arvida for many years, producing several Arvida-related projects, such as Nouveautés documentaires à Saguenay. He is also working on a project with an Arvida youth community organization through the LGBT Association of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean he founded. He still lives in Arvida and has no plan to move.

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Carl Lamarre

Mr. Lamarre was born on Moritz Street and raised in the heart of the St. Thérèse area. The neighbourhood became his playground, especially the green slopes behind the Palace, as well as Moritz Park. He left Arvida at 23 to join the Canadian Armed Forces. He took part in several overseas missions, including Cyprus, Former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. He finished his career in Bagotville after 20 years of service. He remained very close to Arvida and is dedicated to the cause.

Claude Hardy

Mr. Hardy was born in Arvida in 1942. He always lived in the area and was raised on 23rd Street, later renamed Albanel, then Labrecque St. A skilled hockey player, he quickly drew attention as a member of the Arvida Citadins before been recruited by the New York Rangers. The accomplished sportsman rubbed elbows with the greatest in his field. He later played with the Los Angeles Kings, and went back to the old town of Arvida where he was a firefighter for 30 years. Once the Golf Champion of the Arvida Club, he still enjoys the sport. Always attached to his roots, Mr. Hardy is committed to protect and preserve the unique character of Arvida, and is glad to act as an ambassador in his community.

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Claude Patry

Born in the St. Thérèse area, he grew up on Coventry Street in the St. Philippe neighbourhood. His Arvidian childhood was filled, among other activities, with outdoor games, bicycle rides and evenings at the highschool and the Grenada. He is the Jonquière-Alma MP, and worked nearly 35 years at Alcan’s Vaudreuil plant. At the same time, he served in several positions in the National aluminum workers Union of Arvida, such as president, from 2002 to 2008. He is now serving the cause of Arvida.

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Élizabeth Grenier

Digital project & communications Manager at l’ADISQ, Élizabeth came to Arvida at a very early age. For almost 20 years, she attended Ste. Lucie’s school, the Foyer des loisirs, the Manor’s trails. Now a cultural worker, part of the emerging generation, her favourite part is the Palace Arvida, having worked there and developed her artistic purpose through performing arts. Therefore, it is an important place for her. Arvida is unique for its architecture and urban planning, but also through people who live there. She is more than honoured to be an ambassador for Arvida and commits to pursuing that role in the community.

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Étienne Jacques

Mr. Jacques plays an honorific ambassador role, being the Chief operating officer of Rio Tinto Primary metal in North America. As a native of Thetford-Mines, the pragmatic businessman joined the Alcan Vaudreuil plant in 1983. From an historical point of view, Arvida is a company town, founded by Alcoa multinational’s president, Arthur Vining Davis, in 1926. Throughout its planning, creation and transmission, the aluminum town has received sustained attention for almost a century from the Aluminum Company of Canada that became Alcan at the wake of WWII, now part of Rio Tinto Alcan.

Ève-Marie Lortie

Ms. Lortie has been a TV host for several years. She grew up in Arvida, on Gay-Lussac Street. A proud Arvidian, she goes by her childhood streets each time she is in the area. She has already acted as an Arvida ambassador for several years. During her teens, while swimming for the Arvida Ouananiches Club, she remembers how often she had to explain where she came from. She talks publicly about it every time she can. Now it’s time for the Arvida Ambassadors Club to talk about her.

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Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

Members of the CORPA paid a visit to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. Their mission was to meet with the Foundations representatives to inform them about the Club and nominate few additional members, such as their President, Nancy J. Cable, as well as Mr. Maynard K. Davis.
Absent from the photo: Mr. Holbrook Davis and Mr. J.H. Dow Davis.

Francis Dufour

Mr. Dufour was born in Kénogami, in 1929, the son of Marie and Alfred Dufour, foreman at Alcan. At the age of 15, he moved on De LaSalle Street, in Arvida. As a teenager, he spent much of his free time at the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture, the Moritz park, the Théâtre Palace, as wells as the Davis Square. He is mainly known for acting as a municipal counsellor, mayor of Arvida, and Jonquière. He helped develop the area while he was a board member of the Fjord-du-Saguenay MRC and a Parti Québécois MNA for the Jonquière riding. Indeed, he has utmost respect for urbanizing Arvida, reflecting his team’s skills. The preservation of Arvida is one of his main preoccupations, as he wants to preserve its heritage; keep the memories alive to bear in mind where we come from and where we are going.

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François Boivin

High performance snowboarder, he stood out in the Snowboard World cup circuit from 1999 to 2011 as well as the Olympic games of Turin in 2006, and Vancouver in 2010 as an athlete, then as a trainer at the Sochi 2014 games. He grew up in Arvida and still lives there. He proudly showcased his Arvida origins on the world’s highest mountains; now its Arvida’s turn to introduce him as an ambassador.

Gilles Michaud

Mr. Michaud was born at the Arvida hospital in 1942, and grew up across the street from the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture, formerly known as the Centre de récréation. He spent his childhood at Moritz Park and from the slopes, he watched the construction of City hall while eating Revellos with his friends, in awe as they installed the Jordi Bonet mural. He bears in his heart many memories of those days, especially from the 25th anniversary of Arvida. A retired engineer since 2001, he worked 35 years for Alcan. He is proud to live in this unique city. Mr. Michaud always praised the urban qualities of Arvida. More recently, he was recognized as the author of a book documenting the history of 80 years of golf in Jonquière. He lives in Arvida for the remarkable quality of life and wishes to get involved with the recognition of Arvida’s heritage value. 

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Guy Latraverse

He was born in Chicoutimi and worked in Arvida, on Mellon and Montgomery streets. His grandfather, Lucien Latraverse, moved to Arvida in the early days and was an Alcan executive. His father was also an Alcan executive in the urban planning department, thus contributing to building and developing the city Arvida became. Guy Latraverse is an impresario, producer and Québec artist manager. He is best known for his work as a song, humour, variety show and TV producer. He is also called “the father of show business”. He is the founder of ADISQ and co-founder of Les Francofolies de Montréal.

Hélène Boivin

Born in Arvida, Ms. Boivin made a name for herself through her swimming achievements, especially during the Montréal 1976 Olympic games, as well as the Berlin Commonwealth Games, and the World 1978 championship. In 2009, she was inducted into the Québec swimming Hall of fame. In 2014, she joined the Arvida Ambassadors Club. 

Jacques Dallaire

Mr. Dallaire was born on Cabot Street, in the St. Jacques sector, and raised on Rowling Street in St. Philippe. His father, Fernand, worked 43 years for the city as a purchasing director. From a family of three, his mother, Thérèse, helped create strong bonds with the neighbours. Mr. Dallaire started his career in Arvida in the car selling business and still works in this field as co-owner of Paul Albert Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC Ltd. He has Arvida tattooed on his heart and remains very close to this area and its residents. He proudly accepted the role of ambassador to honour the town of his childhood. 

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Jeanick Fournier

Born in Roberval, Jeanick Fournier was raised in Dolbeau, where she started singing in church choir shows at the age of 10. She studied at the Chicoutimi Cégep and made first contacts with Arvida. She made a name for herself performing in piano-bars and was brought on board the Québec Issime production that was a resounding success at the Palace Arvida. In love with an Arvidian, she decided to move there. It is a place where happiness comes easily to her, a quiet, calm, safe place where beauty and peace of mind are in close contact everyday. Ms Fournier is proud to be an Arvida ambassador and wants to protect and promote its heritage for a long time to come.

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Jean-Pierre Bergeron

Mr. Bergeron was raised a few kilometers from Arvida, in the neighbouring town of Jonquière. As a teenager, Arvida and cinema captivated him. He often hitchhiked to the Arvida Palace to watch English movies. He developed a strong attachment to Arvida, intrigued by the English culture of the area. He has been passionate for Arvida and its heritage to this day, using it as the theme for a movie he is currently working on, set up in 1960’s Arvida.

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Jean-Pierre Tremblay

Mr. Tremblay was born in Alma. He left the region when he was a young adult, to study in Sherbrooke and become and engineer. His job led him to work 38 years at modernizing Alcan plants across the world. During numerous overseas mandates, he was always proud to share his thoughts on Arvida. Now retired, he made a name in artistic photography. He takes part in regional exhibitions with his new career, and more recently went to the Louvre, where his work was selected by the Société nationale des beaux-arts de Paris. He once again proudly represented his Arvidian roots. For over 40 years in the community, he believes that environment played a key role on his quality of life. Preserving Arvida’s heritage is essential for the future generations to know what motivated its builders.

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Jocelyne Girard-Bujold

Ms. Girard-Bujold was born in Arvida in 1943 on De Couverty Street. Her father was an Alcan foreman. At a young age, she enjoyed the parks of Arvida and went dancing at the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture on friday nights. Of course -as for all of the area’s teens- the parks, as well as Davis Square, are part of her daily routine. To her friends, all the way to the House of Commons, she always praised the charm of Arvida, and considered it a huge opportunity to be raised in Arvida. She considers herself ‘’Arvidian’’ at heart and is eager to pursue efforts, as member of the Ambassadors Club, to protect and preserve Arvida’s heritage.

Josée Boudreault

Josée Boudreault was raised in the St. Jean-Eudes and St. Philippe areas. She was very athletic, and involved in her community. She started playing basketball at St. Bernadette school, then in the Arvida highschool; and took up synchronized swimming for several years at the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture. She was school president during her last year of highschool, and this period has influenced her life greatly. Now a TV show host, writer and speaker, she is still very attached to Arvida and very proud to act as its ambassador.

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Karine Trudel

Ms. Trudel was elected MP for the Jonquière riding in the fall of 2015. She was baptized at St. Thérèse church and remains very attached to the heritage district. She installed her office there, on Davis Street. Ms. Trudel is known for her community involvement and her commitment for workers, especially as the regional President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers between 2007 and 2015. Now an Arvida Ambassador, she is proud to be involved in the heritage recognition process.

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Kevin Gilmore

He is the President and head of the Directors of the Montreal Impact and of Saputo Stadium as of the 22nd of January 2019. he has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the world of sports, entertainment and media, having contributed to the success of some world renowned enterptises such as The Walt Disney Company, Disney Sports Enterprises, Anchutz Entertainment Group, and the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club.

As founder of 4SPORTS Consulting, he has advised and counciled the sports world, the media, and the world of Entertainment throughout North America , while maintaining his role on the Administrative Council of The Canadian Womens Hockey League and the Canadian Olympic Committee.

He was born in Arvida, is married and has three children. He has a Law Degree from the University of Ottawa ( Civil Law and Common Law) and has a Certificate in Finance from the University of Chicago.

The Heritage Committee and all Arvidians are proud to recognize him as Ambassador of Arvida.

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Kristine Girard

A painter from the region, Ms. Girard chose to live in Arvida when she came back to the region, almost 20 years ago. Inspired by the quality of life, aesthetics and the access to its city center, her spouse and her decided to raise their family on Gay-Lussac Street. It is also where she set up her creation and production workshop. She is very active and involved in her community. She even stated that her Arvida lifestyle allowed her to live from her art and boosted her international career.

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Léo Lapointe

Mr. Lapointe is an Arvidian by adoption, and has been living on Dickie Street for over 40 years. Both his father and brother have worked several years for Alcan. An architect by profession, his office has been located in Davis Square since 1990. With his team, he is involved in the financial vitality of the area by working in a space inside the old Jupiter store, converted into an office building. He became co-owner and made sure, over the years, to preserve the original exterior appearance of the building. His profession also had him work, among other projects, on the restoration of the Saguenay Manor, the building of the Mellon pavilion in St. Jacques Park, as well as renovating the building housing the National aluminum workers Union of Arvida. Mr. Lapointe acknowledges the unique character of Arvida and the quality of its built assets. He is attached to Arvida for the quality of life, the tranquillity, as well as its location at the heart of Saguenay.

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Lewis Gagnon

Born in the St. Philippe neighbourhood, he spent his youth between outdoor skating rinks and his brothers’ fitness club, the Gagnon gym. After working several years in sales, Mr. Gagnon started the monthly newspaper L’Arvidien, in 2008, and is also the editor. He has played an ambassador role for years, since Arvida’s heritage and history are some of his newspaper’s favourite topics.

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Louis Tremblay

Louis Tremblay was born and raised in the Arvida St. Thérèse neighbourhood. His memories and attachment to Arvida are strongly connected with the Manor’s trails, Powell skating rink, as well as Notre-Dame-du-Sourire and St. Thérèse schools. He is a comedian, performing across the Francophonie. He is still filled with Arvidian memories and comes back frequently. Well aware of his rich heritage, he intends to be an active ambassador.

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Louise Latraverse

She was born in Arvida and raised at the heart of the St. Thérèse neighbourhood, on Montgomery Street. Her father, an Alcan executive, came from a family of four. She began her career as a regional radio host and experienced several art forms such as cinema, theater, television, and even writing. She has always been devoted to Arvida. For years, she kept informed of the heritage recognition of Arvida, and was proud to become an official ambassador by joining the Ambassadors Club.

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Lucie K. Morisset

Ms. Morisset is professor at the Urban and Touristic Studies Department of the University of Québec in Montréal and Scientific Director of the Canadian Urban Heritage Chair. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the history of Arvida, from which a book was published in 1998, Arvida, cité industrielle; une épopée urbaine en Amérique. Ms. Morisset acted as consultant in heritage cases since the early 1990’s; for the City of Jonquière and the City of Saguenay. She also is instigator of the CORPA, the Committee for the recognition or Arvida’s heritage value. She dedicated her career and gave all her heart to Arvida. Ms. Morisset has adopted Arvida a long time ago. And after all those years, Arvida has officially adopted her!

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Mark Dickey

Raised on Gay-Lussac Street, in the St. Thérèse area, Mr. Dickey comes from a family deeply rooted in Arvida. His paternal grandfather left Montréal in the 1930’s to live in the new city and work at the smelter. As an adult, when the time came, he couldn’t settle anywhere else than Arvida. Since 2001, he lives in St. Philippe and has been a regional radio host since 2008. He considers himself a ‘’true Arvidian’’ and is very attached to the area.

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Marc St-Gelais

Marc St.Gelais is a businessman who believes in the development of his hometown. For the past 20 years or more he has been investing in the town center in many ways. He is an originator of the restoration and renewal of the building at 1942-1948 Blvd. Mellon, once known as Block A,  It now houses Sports Expert.

He has acquired buildings and properties with the goal of revitalizing Downtown Arvida.

His legendary flare,his friendly manner and his emotional intelligence makes him a much sought after presence in many business sectors. He is also well known for his generosity and philantrophy. He is always involved in fund-raising campaigns and is a defender of many causes of interest to him.

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Marie-Eve Munger

The Coloratura Soprano is originally from Saint-Jean-Eudes, in the Jonquière borough. Her career has been booming since 2005, and she performed in several opera houses over the world, including the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Royal Albert Hall, in London, as well as the Wexford Festival Opera. Her first album, Colorature, was just release. She is proud of her origins, and became an Arvida ambassador with enthusiasm.

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Nadine Maltais

Ms. Maltais was born in 1975. Native from Arvida, more precisely on de Normandie Street, in the St. Thérèse area, she left her native town in 1995 for study and work purposes. She spent her childhood in the trails behind the Saguenay Manor, as well as at Davis Square, with friends from St. Philippe and Dubose neighbourhoods. She is currently the Managing Director of the Vaudreuil-Soulages Council for the Arts and Culture, and oversees the regional cultural development, as a vector for sustainable development and innovation. Despite the geographical distance, she is dedicated to promote the old city, and to publicize the outstanding efforts made towards the recognition of Arvida by UNESCO. She takes every opportunity to explain the history of the old town. She recognizes the innovating features and the genius of that period when Arvida was built, and is deeply attached to the city and the somewhat mysterious energy that emanates from it.

Paul Sarrasin

This Ambassador was born in Arvida, he is a radio and television announcer and a voice actor in movies. In 1987, at the age of 23,  he was recruited by Music Plus, a 4 month old Video network.

He has  interviewed some well known artists, including Cindy Lauper in Hiroshimo, Japan. Most notable is his story about his meeting with the mystical basss guitarist and singer Gene Simmons of KISS.

He began a new career as a voice actor in 2000 as a role player. He steadily moved up to more important roles and in 2010 landed a principal  role as the voice of the "concierge", Tony Casmore, in the British series HOTEL BABYLON. He was also the voice of Tom Hardy in the 2010 movie INCEPTION and WARRIOR in 2011.

Paul Sarrasin now appears in many television show as a narrator or actor. He is himself an accomplished artist and is holding his first solo exposition in Jonquiere at the Centre National d'Exposition in 2019 where he will display his contemporary compositions.   

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Pierre Doré

Raised in Shipshaw in a family where music was passed on from generation to generation, he is one of the founders of the Québec Issime Company. He acted as musical director for several years and was one of the buyers of the Palace in 1996. With a few associates, Mr. Doré is one of the passionate ones saying Arvida is a heritage jewel. He did research and wanted to restore the building to its former prestige. Rumour has it that he even lived there for a while…

Philippe Laprise

Born in 1976, he was brought up in St. Mathias parish, central neighbourhood of Arvida. Philippe Laprise became a comedian after spending his childhood and teenage years in the woods near Arvida highschool and the Saguenay Manor. Stage performance starts at the Arvida highschool, carrying only positive memories from this memorable place. Arvida is an enchanting city with built heritage, comforting features and human scale architecture. The extraordinary cultural heritage of Arvida comes from the richness of its people.

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Rafaël Harvey-Pinard

This Arvidian had a phenominal 2014 season of 52 points with his hometown team, the Jonquiere Elites of the Midget AAA Hockey League. The following year the hardworking, tenacious 16yr old winger was selected in the 8th round by the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies of the LHJMQ and began his Junior career. He had an exceptional career with the Huskies. The fact that he was named Captain is proof of his character,attitude and leadership qualaties.

It was as Captain that brilliantly led his team to the Presidents Cup with a fantastic performance of 27 points on 20 games during these playoffs. But he wasn'rt finshed yet. A few weeks later he led his team to the conquest of the Memorial Cup, a first inthe history of the Huskies.  And let's not forget that in the 2019 NHL draft his name was called out by the Montreal Canadians as the 201st choice.

He is a 100% regional product. The heratage Acknowledgement Committee is extermely proud, as were the fans of the Chicoutimi Sags. to  recognize him as Arvidian Ambassador. He is the youngest to hold this title, at just 20yrs old. If we can say that his arrival has solidified the heart and soul and the very DNA of the team, we can say the same for our Committee.

A regional pride, an Arvidian pride.

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Robert Doré

Born in Métabetchouan (lake St. Jean), Mr. Doré comes from a family of 13, where music was very present. Arvida was part of his life since childhood, as Mr. Roland Guay, owner of the Arvida Vogue Cleaners, is his mother’s cousin. He even worked there as a teenager. Québec Issime, which he produces, bought the Palace Arvida in 1996 and gave it a fresh new look from the original blueprints. He has great respect for the heritage and the building he operated until 2008. In 2013, Québec Issime bought and revitalized St. Jacques church, in Arvida. It became the head quarter, creation workshop, costume and set warehouse, as well as rehearsal studio.

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Steeve Desgagnés

Mr. Desgagnés has lived in Arvida for many years. The passionate singer and musician is known throughout the province with his band Graceband, touring across the province as he performs his with his own Elvis Presley interpretation. He carries Arvida in all his projects, and now, even in his lunch box!

Serge Lapointe

Serge Lapointe was born at the Arvida hospital and spent his childhood and adolescence between St. Thérèse and St. Jacques neighbourhoods. He attended the St. Thérèse Scouts, the Foyer des loisirs et de la culture, the athletic track, the Grenada Club and, like many others, the Saguenay Manor trails. He left Arvida at 21 to study in Ottawa and later joined the Canadian Armed forces. He is now lieutenant colonel. Arvida is first and foremost a matter of the heart that shaped his personality. He takes on his new ambassador’s role with enthusiasm. 

Serges Turbide

Born in Arvida, he grew up on Berthier Street, in the St. Thérèse area. He participated in the St. Thérèse Church Choir, the very popular dances and many orchestras also very popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He did his very first show at the Guillaume-Tremblay school (Arvida highschool). He still has several relatives in Arvida and his artistic career often takes him back. He has a very strong attachment to Arvida, and this is why he was one of the first ambassadors. 

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Suzie Villeneuve

Born in 1983 in the Arvida neighbourhood of St. Jacques, twin sisters Annie and Suzie Villeneuve showed exceptional musical talent from an early age. They were discovered with the first edition of the Québec version of Star Académie, in 2003. The Our Lady of the Assumption school, the St. Thérèse school, the talent shows at the Arvida highschool, the pizzeria, games in the woods behind the Alcan plant, the hockey games and swimming lessons at the Foyer des loisirs, time passed at the park in front of the St. Jacques church, all those memories make Arvida unique and soothing in the heart of the Villeneuve sisters, who feel natural pride to act as ambassadors.

Sylvain Gaudreault

Mr. Gaudreaut was born in 1970, in the Chicoutimi borough, and was a teacher at Cégep de Jonquière before entering public life. Today, an Arvida resident, his career brought him to represent the population and institutions interest at the National Assembly and Québec Government. He supported the recognition of Arvida’s heritage value since his first campaign in 2007, and he often talked about it to the different culture ministers. He also worked to achieve the construction of the Revenu Québec building and was able to obtain a commitment to give the Arvida library its original aspect. Furthermore, he works along with employees and management of the Rio Tinto Jonquière facilities so they keep offering quality, well-paid jobs for residents of the area, in return for significant financial benefits. Mr. Gaudreault underlines the need to protect Arvida, which is a real example of the region’s natural resources and quality labour. He showed a great personal interest for the urban architecture and planning, and was pleased to join the Arvida Ambassadors Club.

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Terry Michael Loucks

Mr. Loucks was born in Arvida, on Radin Street, in one of the many English-speaking families of the area. His father, Ford Loucks, was an engineer who worked on several hydropower dams of the region, such as Shipshaw. His mother worked as a secretary for Arvida Works. He lived in three houses of Radin Street, at the heart of the historical district of Arvida. Even if he does not live there anymore, he remains deeply attached to Arvida and conducted independent research on the memory of Arvida. Bilingual at a very early age, he is a great uniting force among the English-speaking community, and pursues his mission of preservation within the Ambassadors Club, which was initiated a few years ago.

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Some ambassadors agreed to join the Ambassadors Club, but have yet to receive their honours and tool kit:

  • Thomas J. Hudson, President and scientific Director of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research;
  • Jean Tremblay, Mayor of Saguenay;
  • Caroline Riverin, Singer;
  • Karine Riverin, Singer;
  • Marie-Eve Riverin, Singer;
  • Paul Sarrasin, Voice Actor and Host;
  • Louise Schoch, descendant of the Riddell family.
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