Community vitality

A vibrant downtown, in winter and summer alike

Throughout the seasons, there are successive events and activities in downtown Arvida. Both in winter and summer, gatherings portraying the identity of Arvida highlight its uniqueness in a festive and friendly context. At the heart of these activities is a proud and committed population, and events merging traditions, literature, experience and the creative minds of this close-knit community. Countless initiatives are developed each year to enhance the experience of visiting downtown Arvida. 

The year begins with the winter atmosphere of the Winter Laboratory activities. The summer season is launched with the Arvida Summer Festival, marking the start of a variety of summer entertainment such as the Arvida Heritage Encounters, surprising encounters where the history of Arvida comes to life! Hundreds of visitors cross paths in the Public Market, the collective outside seating area comes to life, and the downtown area bustles with activity till the fall, at which time are held the closing events: the Arvida Heritage Festival and the Arvida Urban Drive-In for the more nostalgic. Lastly, holidays are celebrated with the Frightening Arvida Tales at Halloween and the traditional Christmas in Davis Square to end the year.

Professional actors liven up the downtown area, interacting with the population, by playing various character from Arvida’s past.
Crédits : Marianne Salesse-Côté
Davis Square Christmas Market
Crédits : Corporation du centre-ville d’Arvida

Place du Marché

Fête estivale d'Arvida Arvida Summer Festival in Davis Square
Crédits : Corporation du centre-ville d’Arvida

The Citizens’ Committee for the promotion of Arvida's heritage and its photo contest

The Citizens' Committee has taken on the task of promoting the heritage of the City of Arvida through the renovations of built heritage and the heritage recognition process. During the summer months, it organizes a community photo contest.

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